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Weekly poll results: Mi CC9 loved, CC9e splits opinions


As Xiaomi keeps adding new product lines it gets harder to find the phone that suits you best. However, last week’s poll shows that our readers had no trouble figuring out the new CC9 series. Long story short, one is great and the other is a tough sell.

Two out of three people are in favor of the Xiaomi Mi CC9. That’s a very positive result considering this model is up against the Redmi K20, which proved extremely popular in a poll a month ago.

Weekly poll results: Mi CC9 loved, CC9e splits opinions

The Xiaomi Mi CC9e split opinions right down the middle – the poll ended at 50%-50% for and against the phone. That 720p+ screen is a real showstopper for half of voters. Not everyone was happy about the choice of chipsets for both CC9 models either.

Weekly poll results: Mi CC9 loved, CC9e splits opinions

Interestingly, there’s strong interest in the Xiaomi Mi A3 phones – the yet to be unveiled Android One versions of the CC9 and CC9e. We may have some good news on that front, as a new rumor claims that the A3 phones will get upgraded chipsets – Snapdragon 730 (Mi A3) and Snapdragon 675 (Mi A3 Lite). The Lite model may also switch to a 1080p screen, but we’ll wait for some more reliable info to confirm that.

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