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Weekly poll: are you happy with your current brand of phone?


According to a study conducted by Merrill Lynch Global Research a few months ago, a whopping 70% of iPhone owners intend to get another iPhone when it comes time to buy a new phone.

Huawei was a distant second, with 54% of owners saying they’ll stick with the brand. Samsung barely missed out on second place with 53%. Here’s a table showing brand loyalty, the green cells are the percentage of people that will buy the same brand again.

Weekly poll: are you happy with your current brand of phone?

Note that while Pixels and BlackBerrys seem popular, less than 50 people of the 32,523 participants in the study had one. They may love their phones, but they are strictly in the minority.

Sticking with the same brand has advantages – the transition period is easy and you know what to expect from the phone. Buying a different brand runs the risk of finding out there’s something you really hate about the phone after it’s too late.

However, staying with the same brand may keep you from finding a phone that’s even better than you expected. Plus, brands rise and fall – there are probably many former HTC, Sony and LG fans that have jumped ship.

So, where do you stand on brand loyalty? Will your next phone be from the same brand or are you planning to switch? And how do you decide whether to switch or stick with a brand?

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