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EXTRAORDINARY! Reserve Bank of Australia’s Governor Suspends Reality!


RBA Governor Philip Lowe just gave one of the most shocking public performances in Australia by an economic official…

by John Adams of Adams Economics and Martin North via In The Interests Of The People

This week Australia’s Central Bank Governor Philip Lowe spoke to Australia’s National Press Club about the state of the Australian and global economy, the state of the Australian banking system and the future direction for Australian interest rates.

The Governor’s speech and the subsequent Q&A was one of the most shocking public performances in Australia by an economic official. The speech was full of lies and central bank propaganda.

Moreover, the RBA Governor confirmed that more monetary stimulus – i.e. lower interest rates and quantitative easing is coming to Australia.

Martin North and John Adams in their latest “In the Interests of the People” episode call out the RBA Governor’s extraordinary and false statements.


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